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How they Disobey'd: Social Media Strategy

Raider.IO is the leading World of Warcraft stats ranking site, serving a large audience of PC gamers with over 70 Million downloads of their addon. We were hired to grow and develop Raider.IO's social platforms along with their brand presence online. The project includes management of all Raider.IO's social media channels along with creation and implementation of an overall marketing plan. Since we started working with Raider.IO their social media engagement has grown by over 3000% and their followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have increased by over 200%!

"I couldn't imagine a better social media partner for us than Disobey! They're deeply knowledgeable about social media best practices, marketing, and both gaming and streaming cultures. They're clearly driven to help us succeed wherever they can which has manifested itself in many ways, including Disobey assisting in refining our marketing strategy and helping us define a distinctive "voice" across our social media channels. They've just been a great partner all around, and I feel fortunate to have them on our side."

Jah Raphael

CEO Raider.IO
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Killmonday Games

How they Disobey'd: Market Research

Killmonday Games is a very successful indie games studio from Sweden known for creating incredibly cute yet super dark and macabre games! The creators of Fran Bow, one of the most successful point and click adventure games, approached us to conduct market research for them. The objective was to get a better understanding of their audience, their demographics and their interests to help the studio produce games with a strong emotional bond that their audience resonates with. Included in the project was a social media consultation which reaped an increase in engagement instantaneously.

"Working with Disobey has been an easy breeze. Kat is a transparent, charming business woman, who we look forward to keep working with in the future. We are very happy with how the information was presented. Clarity and willingness were two things that stood out to us! Thank you Disobey!"

Natalia Martinsson

Founder Killmonday Games
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Another Indie

How they Disobey'd: Influencer Campaigns on Steam and Twitch

Another Indie is a games publisher based in Taiwan with the mission to get the best indie games to as many people as possible! We have helped implement that mission on a number of occasions by supporting their game launches with Influencer Campaigns. Disobey has organised several Steam stream marathons which helped strengthen the game's position on the store during game launches and sales. We also successfully organise Twitch, Mixer and YouTube campaigns for Another Indie's launches reaping thousands of views during that critical game launch phase!

"Disobey are amazing to work with. They handle Influencer Relations and outreach in our company’s stead so we can focus on our releases. The handpicked streamers are always professional and we are really happy with the results! 10/10 would do it again."

Vlad Tsopljak

PR & Community Manager at Another Indie
Picture of Vlad Tsopljak
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How they Disobey'd: Influencer campaigns at Gamescom and on Twitch

Utomik is a games subscription platform featuring over 1000 games with the mission to let everyone play great games, without barriers and any limits. Disobey was hired to bring exposure to the brand via an online and event influencer campaign. The event campaign took place at Gamescom, where we organised live streams directly from the Indie Megabooth. During the 4 days of Gamescom, we’ve achieved over 250K live views on Twitch and over 2.4 Million Impressions on Twitter. We have since also consulted on their social media strategy and implemented social media training with the Utomik social media team.

"Disobey are fantastic, they took on the challenges we gave them and blew it out of the water! We worked with them on a number of projects and they're now the first call we make when looking for support as they consistently deliver great results and are a pleasure to work with too!"

Tim Smith
Communications Manager at Utomik
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Other Tales Interactive Logo

Other Tales Interactive

How they Disobey'd: Booth management at IndieCade and Social Media Content Production

Other Tales Interactive is a games studio from Denmark and Sweden, creating experimental story-driven games. After working on the launch of their first game Tick Tock: A Tale for Two, the team approached us to manage their booth at IndieCade in LA. The developers were nominated for the Cooperative Design Award at the event where Disobey picked up the award during the ceremony on behalf of the two amazing devs! We did a full social media take over during the convention and took the Tick Tock community on an epic journey half way across the world day by day.

"Perfectly balanced obedience! Disobey did an amazing job showcasing Tick Tock at IndieCade, fast communication, excellent social media skills, oh and what a great acceptance speech Kat gave!"

Mira Dorthé

Founder Other Tales Interactive
Picture of Mira Dorthé