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Aimlabs, an FPS aim trainer boasting over 30 million users on Steam & mobile, came to us in early 2020 to create an engaged social media following for the brand across all platforms. Since then, we've not only shaped the brand's voice & content strategy from the ground up but turned Aimlabs into one of the most engaging names in the FPS space.

We create over 200 unique posts & receive over 10,000 community messages monthly. Aimlabs social presence soared under our management to over 300,000 engaged followers. Our team nurtures this audience & generates hundreds of thousands of engagements & millions of impressions monthly.  Our successful organisation of the $1 Million Donation to Special Effect through the Fall Guys Battle of the Brands saw us partnering with Ninja, G2 Esports & MrBeast. This activity catapulted Aimlabs' exposure massively, resulting in 50 Million impressions & widespread media coverage, elevating the brand to new heights!

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Disobey are an essential extension of Aim Lab’s marketing team, immersing themselves in our market category to speak to our target audiences in a genuine voice. They weave this knowledge into carefully crafted campaigns for each social media platform to maximize reach and engagement. Their desire to test new messaging and creative formats, optimize based on data and community feedback, and close relationship with our team make them invaluable partners. Eric Inamine Former Director of Marketing, Aim Lab
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