Atlantic Records

Influencer Campaign

We worked with Atlantic Records & Twenty One Pilots on the launch of their incredible new album, Scaled and Icy! Our goal was to open the band up to gaming audiences, so finding true fans of the band that also game was our top priority!

We created an authentic campaign that resonated with our content creators & their communities, all without feeling too ad-like. The band's most popular song, Shy Away, was featured as an on stream notification with sound & was met with overwhelmingly positive reactions from the community. Our creators showed their communities pictures from previous Twenty One Pilots concerts, they sang along to the music & we even had a dancing cat involved 😻

Teaming up with hardcore fans made a real difference in this campaign; not only did our creators love the band, their infectious excitement for the campaign overflowed directly into their audiences. As a result, this campaign smashed through the client KPIs & exceeded expectations.

Superfan content creators
Total campaign impressions
Achieved above client target KPI
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