What's changed on Social Media in July 2023

Aug 5, 2023
August 5, 2023
Khalia Paige

📣 Welcome to our July Social Media round-up!

We’re back to bring you the 411 on the newest social media updates! 📰 From Threads to X, to the first TwitchCon of the year, let’s look back on some of the social media highlights from July & officially cruise into August knowing ALL the tea for a successful month ahead growing your social accounts ☕

What's new on Twitter

Let’s talk about it…😪

On the 23rd of July, Elon Musk introduced us to the new “X” era. Twitter has been officially rebranded to X, following his vision of creating an “everything app”. Twitter users weren't too excited about it & most people are frustrated with Twitter's recent choices.

GIF image of the "X" logo flashing in & out with a static effect on a black background

Outside of the rebrand, X (we might as well get used to it 😭) launched new revenue streams & features for creators. If you need the new logo to update all your stuff, we've added all logos in this blog post.

💰 Money Moves

X's ads revenue programme has introduced a new monetisation opportunity for creators.

To be eligible for creator ads revenue sharing, you must:

✅ Be subscribed to Blue or Verified Organizations

✅ Have at least 15M impressions on your posts within the last 3 months

✅ Have at least 500 followers

🔗 Read more about it here!

🐦 “XEETDECK” (sp?)

X launched an “improved” version of Tweetdeck that will be exclusive to Twitter Blue users beginning in August.

🔗 Read more about it here!

What's new on Meta

Besides the platform formerly known as Twitter, Meta may have the weirdest ride this summer!

From their worldwide vision for verification to threading Instagram’s supremacy into everyone’s heads again! Let’s see what’s been going on in their world 🌐👇

The Threads logo recoloured with Disobey colours, Pink & Green. The text along the thread strands read "Say More" & "Threads"‍


Meta officially launched Threads, Instagram’s new conversations-based app, on the 5th of July to contend against X! The platform broke records with over 100 million users in less than one WEEK!

But ever since its launch, users have decreased by 50% - partly due to limited functionality ☹️ There’s still plenty of work to be done, but Threads has been transparent with where they’ll be taking the platform going forward!

We'll just have to wait & see what's to come! 🤷

🔗Read more on this here.

What's new on YouTube

YouTube’s been buckling down on their extensive attention to creator-first initiatives to present more opportunities for content creator discoverability! Here are some of the cool things we’ve seen 👀


YouTube has announced its new thumbnail testing feature!

A GREAT opportunity to take your YouTube content to the next level in the next coming months by making more data-driven decisions to increase your content’s visibility 🤓

🔗Read more on this here.


YouTube has also introduced video title suggestions available for users on the Studio Desktop's Details page!

With a strong transcript & description for your content, YouTube will work with you to ensure your title is just as powerful! 💪

What's new on Twitch

We’ve been watching Twitch connect with creators & community members alike, with CEO Dan Clancy & their newly formed Twitch Guilds showing their faces in various events within the creator space & stepping up their discoverability game! 💜

Let’s see what they’ve been up to 👀 👇


TwitchCon Paris kicked off the month of July with a celebration of gaming, cosplaying, streaming, & community! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Las Vegas!

🔗Read more on this here!


Twitch sponsored this year’s DreamCon Anime & Gaming convention in Austin, Texas!

The team brought their Creator Camp & Twitch Guilds for attendees to gain valuable insight into their streaming & content creation careers!

🔗 Read more on this here!


Twitch launched a NEW Discovery tool for streamers within the app!

Streamers can start prioritising their stream clips to be featured in the Discovery Feed starting the first week of August!

That's a wrap

July’s been a wild ride for social media, but that’s why we’re here to give y’all the tea! Now everyone say, Goodbye July & HELLOOOO August! 👋

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