The Importance of Inclusivity in Gaming

Oct 26, 2023
October 26, 2023
Khalia Paige

Gaming brings people, from all walks of life, together, offering an escape to incredible worlds & compelling stories. But it's important to recognise that the games industry’s journey towards complete inclusivity is ongoing. What does accessibility mean for gaming? It means creating a space where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can join in on the fun!

Titles that are getting accessibility in games right 😤

We're seeing some big titles leading the charge & embracing accessibility as a growing need! Here are some of the games that are setting the standard for inclusive design😤

🍄 The Last of Us Part II: Offers over 60 accessibility in settings features.

🔥 Hades: Boasts diverse controller support.

🪓 Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Provides visual assistance for visually impaired players.

A promotional image for the game The Last of Us. Ellie, a brunette girl, is scared but determined. She is seated & hiding behind a tree trunk with a machete in her hands. In the background, we can see three men clad in dark clothing with flaming torches & weapons trying to find her.

These games are all actively reducing barriers, making sure all gamers feel valued & included.

It’s important to remember that making a game physically playable is only one part of inclusive design. Accessibility is more holistic than that:

Let’s look at Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, for example 👇

This game offers an “Arachnophobia Safe Mode” accessibility feature in the settings, allowing players to remove spiders from the game while still enjoying the experience. It's a minor feature, but it shows how game developers recognise the importance of inclusivity in gaming.

Screenshot of Star Wars Jedi Survivor's accessibility menu. The highlighted option reads "Arachnophobia Safe Mode", & the toggle button currently reads "Off". You can also see options to turn off human dismemberment, enable tutorials, & adjust slow mode.

But it's not just up to developers. As a community, we can work together to make gaming more accessible! 

Community Managers & Accessibility 💌

Community Managers are our essential in the industries journey to accessibility in games. As the eyes & ears of the community CMs bridge the gap between players & developers, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard. They can help studios:

👊 Identify use cases for accessibility & user interaction,

🎯 Create unique opportunities for community building

🎮 Keep their finger on the pulse of the game's reception  & feedback

When this information is relayed to publishers & development teams, it enables them to create the best gaming experience for their audience.

Developers can actively seek feedback & suggestions from players, ensuring that their creations cater to a broader range of abilities. While players can engage in discussions with community members & CMs to share their experiences & advocate for inclusive design.

As a community, we should always champion accessibility, breaking down barriers & fostering an environment where everyone can play & enjoy games.

Together, we can create change for the better! 🤝

Embracing Accessibility for All 🙌

So, as we celebrate the strides made in accessibility, let's remember that gaming is more than just entertainment. It's an opportunity for connection, empathy, & shared experiences!

By embracing accessibility, we empower individuals to explore new worlds, create lasting memories, & make gaming an inclusive escape for all. 🎮✨

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Let's create some inclusive stuff together! 

Before you go…

 GIF image of Rihanna wearing a pink crystal gown & durag. She is smiling & giggling into a microphone.

🗃️ Look up your favourite game's accessibility features at the link below 👇


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