Our favourite games with LGBTQ+ representation

Oct 5, 2023
October 5, 2023
Khalia Paige

Looking to add some spice to your game library? Join us as we celebrate individuality & love by checking-out our round-up of 13 amazing games that feature LGBTQ+ storylines, characters & themes in gaming!

🔥 Ikenfell

An RPG game about a group of diverse, troublesome magic students who uncover hidden treasure & dark secrets! This charming game radiates unapologetic queer joy with a vibrant cast that is authentically themselves!

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🕹️ Arcade Spirits

A romantic visual novel game with plenty of laughs, dreams & desire to share with potential suitors! If you love character customisation, this one's for you with the ability to change pronouns, hairstyles, skin tones, hair colours & more!

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🧓 Later Daters

Play as the new resident at Ye OLDE retirement community, where you meet a cast of sexy seniors & explore rediscovery! This anti-ageist masterpiece shows us that love & intimacy has no ceiling as you seduce your fellow frisky residents. Things get spicy here 👀 We've done the influencer campaigns for Later Daters & we might be biased here but working on the game has been such a meaningful passion project for us so we definitely had to include it here! We also LOVE the devs!

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🧟 Monster Prom

A choose your own adventure dating sim to race all the way to your special monster’s heart! The monsters offer a range of queer identities to fall in love with & charm! Don’t go to the Prom alone; there are many hot ghouls to choose from! There are now 3 games in the Monster Prom series!! We ran the organic influencer campaign for Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip & our own audience LOVED the game on our Twitter account, check out all the love 👇

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👫Tell Me Why

Twins Tyler & Alyson use their supernatural bond to unveil their childhood memories after losing their mother. The introduction of Tyler opened many doors in LGBTQIA+ gaming media as the first trans protagonist in an AAA title!

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☀️ A Summer’s End: Hong Kong 1986✨

Set in vibrant 1986 Hong Kong, see how a chance meeting between Michelle & Sam evolves into intimacy, telling the love story between two women despite the social adversities in their home country.

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📰 Life is Strange: Before the Storm

A story adventure where you play teen Chloe who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel. This installment fully embraces queer sexuality through Chloe & Rachel’s story with a genuine representation of lesbian women.

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💀 A Mortician’s Tale

A short, story-driven game about Charlie, a Mortician operating a funeral home. It highlights the responsibility morticians possess when honoring the dead & insight into how to prepare queer & trans bodies with respect.

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💗 Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Nothing like being a dad moving to a new town filled to the brim with Hot Dads & Dad puns galore! The humour, the artwork, & the diverse cast share unique stories of love & friendship! We played this on Twitch with our communities & 10/10 would recommend!

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🔥 Hades

It wasn't just the sick visuals & game play that we adored in this rogue-like. Zagreus, our bisexual polyamorous hero, stole our hearts the moment he stepped onto the screen! His interactions & connections are breathtaking, creating such an impactful experience!

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🌊 Lake

This game offers a real-life telling of our day to day struggles & what it means to take a step back. One of the romances in the game shows a gracious story of trust & vulnerability to grow closer to loved ones. It’s a sweet message & a great cosy game!

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✨ If Found...

Nothing is more refreshing than a rich, coming-of-age story with strong connections & bonds. Staying true to yourself is a message we'll never get tired of seeing in video games!

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⚔️ Boyfriend Dungeon

We love when games can provide comfort to players, even if the stories told are not always cosy stories. This game represents intimacy of all kinds, creating a unique experience as we're told stories that connect with the queer gaming community.

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We love these LGBTQ+ games for their celebration of individuality & authenticity! Huge shoutout to all the devs for bringing such incredible stories to life!  👏💚

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