An Influencer’s Guide to Nurturing Brand Relationships

Jan 11, 2024
January 11, 2024
Khalia Paige


Sure, "grabbing the bag" in the moment might give your bank account a nice boost, but if you're aiming for a lasting impact & success in influencer marketing, it's time to strategise for the long run. Let's break it down! 👇

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Building enduring relationships with brands isn't just about getting that one-time deal. It's about creating a win-win situation where both you & the brand can grow together. Here's the scoop:


To be the perfect fit for a brand, you need to be business-savvy & confident in your craft. But it's equally crucial to remain open to learning & improvement. That's the secret sauce that convinces your clients that you're not just a one-hit wonder but a partner for the long haul.


If a brand is pushing unrealistic goals or wants deliverables that don't align with your community, tell 'em! Knowing when to say “No” is as important as when to say yes! Being honest about the things that aren't a fit helps demonstrate how carefully you select sponsorships & builds trust that you're only accepting things that resonate well with your audience. If a brand reaches out to you, even if the opportunity isn't a fit, respond promptly. Being a quick communicator can leave a lasting impression that leads to future collaborations with influencer agencies. Don't let good opportunities slip away!


When it comes to your community, you're the expert. If you've got suggestions or creative ideas on how to make a sponsorship resonate with your community, don't be afraid to offer suggestions on alternative platforms or deliverables to make the sponsorship pop even more! This DOES NOT mean working for free or doing things you do not want to! Keep your eyes on the long-term prize for your personal brand's success & your client's benefit!


The best working relationships in influencer marketing are built on teamwork, transparency & trust!

Brands who trust you = More possible opportunities! 👀

More opportunities = More chances to hone your craft & gain experience as a content creator!


So, you've streamed a sponsored game & had a blast? Share your favourite moments with the team, or let them know if you kept playing longer.  The developers will appreciate the feedback, & it shows your dedication as a content creator.


Nobody’s perfect & we can fuck up sometimes! Don't hide your mistakes/missteps in a sponsorship, but instead find a solution to keep a great brand relationship going! Your client will appreciate it!

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Being a content creator isn’t just about creating great content. Set yourself up with the best business practices & professionalism to successfully represent the brands you love the most & get that bread long-term 👏

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