5 Killer Social Media Lessons from a Year of 🔥370 Million organic Impressions🔥

Dec 7, 2022
December 7, 2022
Khalia Paige

ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA IS DEAD!! (Said nobody ever…) 🙄

2022 was a monster year for our social media teams! We got over 370 MILLION ORGANIC impressions for our clients on social media & we're spilling the tea on the 5 secrets that made it all happen!  

A graphic shows the organic client social growth stats for Disobey across 2022. The stats are as follows:370 million total impressions. 68 thousand posts published689 thousand new followers12 million total engagements

From understanding your brand to creating content like a boss, these lessons are a must-read for anyone looking to up their organic social media game. So, grab your coffee & let's get into it!

5 Key takeaways from a year of doing numbers on social media!

🌵 Understand your brand

🌵 Know your audience 

🌵 Put your community first 

🌵 Stay agile 

🌵 Create content strategically

Doing just one of these five things isn't gonna cut it - you need the whole package. Picture it like a smoothie; if you only use one ingredient, it won’t taste right. The same goes for social media. It’s a combination of strategies that is the secret sauce to a successful organic social media campaign. So, get ready to mix it up & make a delicious smoothie (aka social media campaign) that's sure to be a hit! 

How do I use these strategies to create a kickass social campaign?  Let’s break it down 👇

Takeaway #1: Understand Your Brand 👁️

To get attention online, you need to really nail your brand. No one follows bland, generic accounts, so make sure yours represents something uniquely YOU! This is crucial information that'll shape your social media presence - from your messaging to your visuals. Get up close & personal with your brand & make sure every post on social media reflects your vibe.

🌵Know your brand inside & out  

🌵Define your vibe, tone & aesthetic 

🌵Let your personality shine!

Remember: consistency is key! 🔑

You want to see the power of consistency in action? Look no further than the content we made for the Aimlabs TikTok account. We brought our A-game with a consistent use of colours, high-energy music choices, & relatable language.

@aimlabgg Practicing your crosshair placement just got easier 😎 With our Aimlabs+ feature you can sharpen your aim on our perfectly replicated VALORANT maps 🔥 #aimlabs #pcgaming #videogames #valorant #valorantclips #gaming #fpsgames #gamingontiktok #gaming ♬ original sound - Aim Lab

Every single video is on brand & fits into the overall vibe we've created. This consistency makes the account visually appealing & helps establish a brand identity that people will recognise when scrolling their FYP!

Get to know your brand & make sure your social media presence reflects it. Your followers will thank you! 🔥

Takeaway #2: Know Your Audience 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Selling a game without understanding your audience is an L waiting to happen 🙅♀️ You need to know who you’re trying to reach & what kind of content they go crazy for? By understanding your audience, you can create content that'll make them wanna dance. Go beyond the basic analytics you have on them. Ask yourself: 

➡️ What makes them tick?

➡️ Where do they hang out online?

➡️ What content can’t they resist? 

It's all about knowing your audience & delivering exactly what they want, & that's exactly what we did with Scorn.

We knew Scorn fans had a thing for the macabre & mysterious, so we leaned into that at every opportunity. From dark visuals to cryptic captions, we made sure that every post was on brand & aligned with what the Scorn community loves.

When you know your audience & give them what they want, it's a recipe for social media success. So, don't be afraid to lean into what your audience loves & make it a big part of your social strategy. 

Takeaway #3: Put your community first 💌

Organic social media is all about building real relationships with the people who matter most - your fans! That's why putting your community first should be at the top of your to-do list. How? Regularly engage with your fans, respond to their comments & messages, & get involved in their online world. This will help you create a tight-knit, loyal & engaged community that will become advocates for your brand. We make it a point to always be in tune with what's happening in our community. When our communities say something, we listen up! If they’re excited about something, you better believe we're on it - making sure they feel heard & celebrated 💚 It's all about making our peeps feel heard & appreciated.

So talk to your fans & foster genuine relationships & join in on their fun. It’s ✨social✨ media, after all!

Takeaway #4: Stay Agile, Stay Ahead 🏃‍♀️ 

Social moves quick! Trends offer an easy way to supercharge your reach. But only if they’re relevant & you can create high-quality content before the trends run their course.

Be open to trying new things, testing fresh strategies, & switching it up. Flexibility is the name of the game & staying agile will give you a major edge in the ever-evolving world of social media.

Whether we’re experimenting with the latest TikTok trends or jumping on a hot topic in the gaming community, our Aimlabs content creators are always one step ahead, moving faster than the speed of play!🏃💨 Keeping up with trends & joining in on the conversation to keep the content fresh & relevant while increasing reach.

Staying on top of the latest social trends is key to making sure your content stays fresh & relevant, & gets the reach it deserves! Keep the content popping & watch your reach skyrocket! 🚀

Takeaway #5: Create Strategic Content 🎨

Content needs to have a purpose. Amazing creative posts, even the really cool ones, only matter if they successfully grow, entertain, educate or convert your audience. This means having a solid plan, setting realistic goals & regularly measuring your success.

Beware of making content just to fill up your profile. Always consider the “why”!

Strategy is at the heart of all of our best work! Knowing our audience & what they love & how to make them laugh is how we get content like this 👇

Strategy is key to creating truly impactful content & seeing real results on social media. Create with purpose & you'll maximise your impact! 👊

Use These Takeaways to create a Badass Social Media Campaign

& that's a wrap! These are the 5 keys to our social media success & how we gained 370 million impressions organically in a year!  Just remember, social media is about people. Tips & tricks (yep, even these ones) can only take you so far. You have to create content using an authentic understanding of your fans & that only comes from listening to your community. Do that & good stuff will follow! (or you could talk to your good friends at Disobey😉) 

TLDR? (you really should read it, though 👀) 

🌵 Understand your brand

🌵 Know your audience 

🌵 Put your community first 

🌵 Stay agile 

🌵  & Create content strategically

If you want to supercharge your social strategy & start seeing real results, hit us up at hello@disobey.gg! We're always up for a chat about how we can help you achieve your social media goals. So don't hesitate to reach out, let's create awesome shit together!

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