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Influencer Marketing

The key to a successful influencer campaign is sourcing the perfect creators with audiences who are ready to hear about your cool shit & we know how do it 💅

Let's find out how

The right creators, the right audiences.

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Our Approach.

Our team sources & vets influencers of all sizes to find the ideal fit for your brand across TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter. From micro to macro-influencers, we curate bespoke & diverse campaigns that put you right in front of your target audience.

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We work with creators of all backgrounds, races, genders, sizes, sexual orientations & varying abilities. This is vital to us in ensuring that all voices are heard & that the campaign will succeed!

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"Disobey just get it. They understood the IP quickly, developed an effective influencer target list and plan based on the budgets and timelines, offered only trusted creators who would deliver enthusiastic and engaging content AND generated a post campaign report in short order. Truly they felt like an extension of the internal team here."

Caspian Horwood,
Senior Product Manager, SEGA

Our Workflow.

Research & Strategy Creation
Creator Discovery
Client Creator Approval
Creator Outreach, Negotation, Briefing
Campaign Management
Post-Campaign Reporting
Project Closure

We're connected.

Our network contains over 15,000+ quality creators on our own Twitter account, giving us the edge for finding the perfect creators & audiences for even the most niche campaign requirements.

We stay connected with our audience through our daily content & are continually expanding our pool of creators.

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