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February 23, 2020
Kat Schreiber

We took the stress away from you & worked up a spreadsheet containing all announced games of 2020! It also features all gaming events indie developers & streamers can attend this year & all key social media dates to kick start your social channels! The planner will be updated once a month & will give you a good starting point on when to launch your baby!

The Disobey Games & Event Planner for 2020

Indie Games launch & event planner
Check out our games marketing planner for 2020 here →
Feel free to make a copy & integrate it into your launch strategy!

What are the best times to launch your indie game then?

The planner takes us to one of the first steps of picking a launch date for your indie game, look at the current gaming landscape! The last thing you want to do is launch your indie game on the same day Cyberpunk 2077, Project A or Animal Crossing are launching. Not only are those days not great for you but also the days & weeks surrounding those releases should be avoided as press, streamers & gaming communities alike are preoccupied with those games 💭

Year after year we see most of the big games releasing between April to June & mid September to mid November, also referred to as AAA Season 🌧️ Usually late January to late February & July to late August are quieter months to launch games. However this is ever changing so make sure to do your homework & check what is going on, on the days & weeks surrounding your launch date!

Other things to keep in mind are sales & big gaming events! Steam has 4 big sales every year: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter sales yay ✨ Sales can be incredibly powerful to an already launched game & usually gives games a real nice push! However if you haven't launched it's quite likely that your game will get drowned out in between amazing deals of games your audience has long been waiting to grab at a reduced rate. So launching your brand new game at full price might just not cut it. During large events (E3 & Gamescom), press & streamers will be covering game announcements from those events so it is quite likely that your game will not be getting the loving it deserves 💔

Now, I hear you say "Well when in the fuck am I meant to launch my game then?". The worst answer we can give you is: Every game is different, the right time for one might be the wrong time for another. Most people refrain from launching games before Christmas however if you have an amazing family style game that can be marketed really well around that time then go for it! More & more studios are building a hype for their games without announcing their titles too far in advance, allowing them to be reactional. So our advice is: Do your research, try not to launch your game when a mega anticipated title is launching and try to avoid launching during sales & large gaming events! Be reactive, be open to change (if possible) & make sure to be prepared.

We are keeping our toetsies crossed for your launch & am sure that you will kick ass 👊

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