Your Must-Have Games Event Checklist For 2024

Nov 1, 2023
November 1, 2023
Khalia Paige

Are you getting ready for a games event or gaming convention in 2024? 🎮 Feeling the excitement but also the anxiety? No worries, we've got your back! Here's part of your ultimate 🌟Games Event Event Checklist🌟 for navigating the chaos.

📱Prep your social media

When you're mingling at a game events, what will they see when they check out your social media? Make sure your profiles are on point! Have a pinned tweet, keep your bio up-to-date, & ensure your contact info is front & center in your Event Checklist.

A man wearing a US varsity jacket taps his hand over his heart as the words "I Got You" appear on the screen to his right.

🚶 Pace yourself

Games events can be gigantic, & you might not be able to conquer it all in a day. Don't stress about FOMO. Instead, make a game plan. Pick a few must-see  attractions, & don't forget to schedule downtime for recharging those batteries. 

🥪 Don't forget to eat

Game expos can be a marathon, & it's easy to lose track of time. The food stalls can be a  pricey AF , so make sure to add a packed lunch to your Event Checklist! Make some sandwiches, fruits, or whatever snacks fuel your fire. You'll stay energised without breaking the bank. 

🥳 Parties & meet ups

Keep your radar on for unofficial gatherings & meet-ups at these gaming conventions. You never know who you might bump into - a new gaming buddy, a potential collaborator, or even your future boss! Don't miss out on the side quests; they can lead to epic loot.

💧 Stay hydrated

When did you last drink some water? 👀 Running around a gaming convention is thirsty work so don't forget to hydrate! A water bottle should be top of your event checklist - you don't want to be the player downed by thirst.

👟 Wear comfy shoes

With all the awesome attractions to explore at games events, your kicks should be the last thing on your mind. Opt for those super comfy sneakers, because happy feet are essential. You'll be thanking yourself later for not wearing those killer heels at the next game expo. 👣

🧘 Look after yourself

Amidst all the excitement, don't forget to take a breather. Find a moment of zen & do something for yourself. Slap on a facemask, order some grub, & kick back with a movie in bed. The constant noise & chatter of a gaming convention floor can be draining as hell, especially if you're working a booth. FOMO is a bitch but that rest goes a long way.

💚Enjoy yourself

Last but not least, remember to have an absolute blast! Go play some games, check out the cosplay, & have an awesome time!

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